Our new brand for
healthy food products
Brand for a world
of healthy sweetening
Our history
  • 30 years long experience on Central European markets
  • The biggest independent privat distributor of confectionery in CZ/SK
  • Represents 25 strongest brands on EU market – Trolli, Ricola, Zaini, Cloetta, Natra and others
  • Own production line for chocolate hollow figurines 
Our present
  • Transformation process from a confectionery distributor to a healthy food producer
  • New production facility for healthy food and liquid natural sweeteners and creation of a new brand 4Slim 
  • Over 100 employees in two companies – Kaumy Ltd. (distribution&export) and Heinz Food j.s.c. (production)
  • Opening of specialized healthy food eshop 
Our vision
  • As a technological leader to develop and patent new products in the field of natural liquid sweeteners
  • Give all people the opportunity to replace white sugar and sweeten more healthily 
  • To become the largest European producer of natural liquid low sugar sweeteners
  • To be a reliable partner for our suppliers and customers  
A sweet life without limits for everybody
Low carb liquid sweeteners
  • Fructooligosacharides reprocessing 
  • Low sugar and high fibre liquid sweeteners, functional mixtures and toppings
  • Low carb bars
  • High fibre nuts spreads without added sugar and oils 
No sugar sweeteners
  • Powder and liquid sweeteners
  • Xylitol, erythritol, maltitol, isomalt
  • Stevia, steviol glycosides, sucralose
  • No sugar drinks and candies 
Fit menu
  • No suggar added products (chocolates, spreats, waffles,..)
  • Lyophilized fruits, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts,..
  • Line of BIO products - flour, seeds, powdered products, oatmeal, proteins
  • Dietary supplements 
A range of chicory products that we have developed in recent years. 
They have become the best-selling natural low-sugar liquid sweeteners on the market. 
The range of liquid sweeteners is complemented by functional nectars, fruit toppings and nut mixtures for spreading, and a new range of low carb sticks. 
All products already have patent protection. 
KAUMY s.r.o.
Jerlochovice 156,
742 45 Fulnek
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 556 740 801
Fax.: +420 556 740 128
Mail: kaumy@kaumy.cz